Unleagueal Pool

(Claim Your Set/Safeless/Straight 8)

Straight 8 Pool is the type of game most often played in bars in America, but rules vary slightly from place to place, and at different times in the same place. Straight 8 is the 5-card stud game of pool.

NO WILDCARDS!! Such as . . . Safety Shots, Ball In Hand, Table Scratch, Slop makes.

The few rules that most often need clarifying concern breakingcalling shots and scratching.


8 ball made on the break is a win, if you don’t scratch.

8 ball made on the break and a scratch is a loss.

Table is open after the break.

You can keep what you make on the break by shooting for that set again–even if you don’t make. As long as you have a clean call and a clean hit, you claim that set.

**If you make any number of balls from one set on the break, but opt to shoot for the other set on the first shot after the break and then miss, the table remains open for your opponent. If you make your shot cleanly, you claim that set.

(These definitions of the rules on the break are different than either Traditional Straight-8 Ball Pool or Standard 8-Ball Pool. But this gives the person breaking the choice of sets, and honors the fact that earning the break counts for something.)


**Ball to Make and Pocket must be called on every shot, details included.

**You must advance your ball toward the called pocket, even if you make a bad hit to do so.

**Safety Shots are not allowed. If you forfeit your shot, you forfeit the game.

**Double Kiss: If you call a shot to the pocket and it double-kisses the cue ball before going in, it does not count UNLESS you called it that way.

**Minor rail contact near the called pocket (between the called pocket and the first nearest diamond) is allowed, but any carom off another ball MUST be called. Failing to call a carom on your shot constitutes a Bad Hit.


A scratch gives ball in hand to the opponent behind the head string.

Balls off the table go to the foot-spot–except the 8, which is a loss of game.

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